Saturday 22 October 2016

A birthday Celebration with a difference! Ghyll Scrambling in The Lake District. Saturday 15th October 2015.

Last Saturday, we were joined for one of our famous Ghyll Scrambling Sessions in The Lake District by ten chaps from Liverpool.

All of the guys were here with their mate Andy Doran who was in the area to celebrate his 40th birthday. Andy had contacted us a few weeks earlier to book the session and it would appear that most of those attending had no idea what they had let themselves in for - as they put it!

Anyway, Iain had to explain that yes - they would be getting wet; and initially they might feel a little chilly, but it would be great fun - he assured them!

And as you can see from all the grins in photo two - the lads were having a great time Ghyll Scrambling -even though as you can see at this point, some of them were in water up to their chests!

Fortunately, the weather for mid October was unusually warm and the water level in Stickle Ghyll was unusually low for the time of year. Add to this mix a group clad in waterproof jackets and wetsuits and people didn't actually get too cold at all; and really enjoyed the session which is what we always hope to achieve. Good result again then!
We made our way up Stickle Ghyll starting from just behind the National Trust Car park, walking, scrambling, climbing & swimming our way upstream. Photo one was taken just before the entire group climbed the waterfall in the background and photo two was taken shortly afterwards at the first deep pool in Stickle Ghyll - not that there's many!

Photo three was taken quite a while later - after we had done the "jump" into the deepest pool in the ghyll, walked upstream, gotten out by the footbridge and then gotten back in again about 150 metres further on avoiding the "boring" bouldery section.

From here on, we would be on solid rock with another two waterfalls to climb; and some smaller waterfalls with deep pools at their foot to be scrambled up. Everyone was enjoying themselves anyway and that's what matters.
Our final photograph from this post about a great Ghyll Scrambling session in The Lake District sees the "other aspect" of what this great activity can provide in play; and that's challenge.

The chap in this photo has an expression on his face that suggests he found the waterfall climb he's just done quite challenging/exciting. We reckon all of the lads had their fair share of Adrenalin today. Ghyll Scrambling is meant to be fun & exhilarating; a real experience that should be on everyone's bucket list; and you should do it with us!

Our Ghyll Scrambling Sessions in The Lake District start at just £45 per person for a four hour session though this group of ten paid just £40 each and children under 16 will receive a further discount. So, while it's still warm enough: it's a great activity to do during this October Half Term Holiday. Contact us to book your Ghyll Scrambling Session - you won't be disappointed!

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