Saturday 22 October 2016

Ghyll Scrambling Half Day Sessions in The Lake District. Stickle Ghyll, Sunday 16th October 2016.

After working with Andy Doran's Birthday group on Saturday in Stickle Ghyll, Iain was back in again the very next day - but this time with just two people - Ben Jones and his girlfriend Maria.

The pair had come up to The Lake District for the weekend from Manchester and were looking forward to Ghyll Scrambling as the highlight of the whole weekend. We were meant to be going into Wren Gill, but unfortunately the Land Rover is out of action at the moment, so Iain had to reschedule the pair to Stickle Ghyll at fairly short notice.

Photo one see's Ben & Maria at the foot of the first waterfall climb in Stickle Ghyll which, after the previous night's rain had only slightly more water in it. It would still be fun for the pair though!
Photo two sees the pair a while later having climbed the first waterfall and then enjoyed a plunge in the pool where Andy Doran's group had been seen having such a laugh the previous day. Then, after climbing up the side of a water-slide one arrives at this place where a deep pool has to be climbed out of to grab the tree roots to get up the side of this cascade - just before arriving at the pool jump. There was plenty of fun still in store for Ben & Maria who are clearly thoroughly enjoying the Ghyll Scrambling in Stickle Ghyll in this photo.

Once again the weather was good for the time of year - still warm as after a rather cloudy start, the sun came out again to warm us up further. We've all been very luck with the October weather this year - dry weather & Sunshine is great for getting people to do things out of doors in The Lake District.
Photo three was taken by Maria using our camera. We have a waterproof & shockproof camera that goes out with Iain on every session that we run and he takes loads of photographs of everyone having fun.

We pass these photos on to our clients as part of their fee per person (in this case £45 each for Ben & Maria) using Dropbox which most people seem to use now.

It was nice to get a photo of Iain for a change - doing his job safeguarding Ben who is just appearing at the top of our biggest waterfall climb in Stickle Ghyll - there are three such waterfalls in Stickle Ghyll that are great fun to climb, but the use of the rope by an experienced instructor is absolutely necessary to safeguard customers at all three waterfalls.
Our fourth photograph from this post about a Ghyll Scrambling Session in The Lake District was taken by Ben as Maria climbs the very last waterfall of the session.

Ben had booked their Ghyll Scrambling (also known as Gorge Walking) Session with us because we offered a higher standard of protective equipment than our competitors - in particular we provide walking boots to all of our Ghyll Scrambling customers considering that the grip, ankle support and crush protection that they provide to be absolutely essential in a ghyll. As well as those, we also give you Neoprene Wet-suits, Cagoules, Buoyancy Aids where necessary and of course Helmets for your heads and Harnesses for those roped waterfall climbs you'll be doing! Safety first, comfort second and enjoyment third - this is what our sessions are about.

Yes - you can get Ghyll Scrambling.Gorge Walking Sessions for less from others - but you won't get all of the equipment that we provide. Incredibly, some companies advocate the use of your own training shoes or plimsolls in the Ghyll - ask yourself is it not worth a few pounds more to avoid the possibility of a twisted or broken ankle to ruin your holiday? An outcome like that is something we want you to to avoid at all costs!

Our final photo from the session sees a very satisfied Ben & Maria at the end of their Ghyll Scrambling Session in The Lake District.

Stickle Ghyll is a beautiful place at the best of times, but there was something about the Autumn colours today that made this a very pretty photo - not to mention the masses of bright red berries hanging in the Rowan (Mountain Ash) tree just beyond the pair.

All that remained to be done, was to descend back to the car to get changed and enjoy a mug of Hot Chocolate (again - provided as part of the fee) to warm us through - a good end to another great Ghyll Scrambling Session with us.

Ben left us the following testimonial on our website.

"Iain took my partner and I Ghyll Scrambling up Stickle Ghyll on a Sunday afternoon, and we were fortunate enough to be the only ones on the booking for that time. We saw the Lake District from a totally different viewpoint, and had a brilliant time jumping into pools, climbing waterfalls, and even learning a bit about the area we were in.
I definitely wouldn't hesitate to book with Iain again next time we're in the area, he was friendly, helpful, took some excellent photographs which were included in the price, and provided all the kit we needed to enjoy ourselves safely. The hot chocolate at the end was well appreciated to get some warmth back into our fingertips too!"
Ben Jones
As it is still warm enough to enjoy Ghyll Scrambling Sessions in The Lake District, we will be continuing to do so for the foreseeable. So whilst you are in The Lake District with your family then give us a call to book this great activity. You won't be disappointed and discounts apply to family bookings - we look forward to working with you!

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