Saturday 1 October 2016

Navigation Skills Training Courses in The Lake District. September 2016 and beyond!

We've been out a few times in September teaching Navigation Skills Courses. Our most recent course was last Saturday (photo one ) when Iain had a day out with Pam Barnes who was fed up with getting lost in the hills. By the end of her one day course with Iain Pam had learnt to

  • Orientate the map to assist with identifying what was around her.
  • Measure distance on the map in both 1:25'000 and 1:50'000 scales and then be able to pace distance on the ground.
  • Find an eight figure Grid Reference on the map and also be able to give one. This is extremely useful if you have to call Mountain Rescue for assistance. Giving any Search & Rescue Organisation a grid reference will greatly assist them in finding you - quickly!
  • Use a compass to walk on a bearing. Essential in poor visibility and useful if you are unsure of your route and want to check the direction.
  • Use the compass to identify an unknown feature from a known location.
  • Use a timings system (Naismith's Rule) to work out how long it should take her to walk between grid references on a walking route.
Pam paid just £160 with Iain for her day out "one on one" with an experienced Mountaineering Instructor and considered it worth every penny for the Navigation Skills that she had picked up.

The previous weekend Iain had spent two full days out with Simon Walker and his mates Jon & Mark teaching them Navigation Skills in the Kentmere area of the southern Lake District.

Over the course of the weekend, Simon, Jon & Mark covered everything that Pam covered with Iain last Saturday as outlined above but their course was run over two days - is this better?

We recommend that your Navigation Skills Training Course in The Lake District with us should be two days long! This is because....

  • If the course is spread over two days this allows a more gradual take-up of the information you'll be given about Navigation Skills Training during your course. We often find people get tired by mid afternoon on day one and start to make frustrating mistakes.
  • A two day course allows for consolidation of learning of skills taken on day one with some additional skills input on day two.
  • The second day of one of our Two Day Navigation Skills Training Courses in The Lake District will be done in a different area at a higher altitude than on day one giving a real "expedition" feel to the course. There is also the likelihood that on higher fells, you'll encounter the bad visibility needed to put the skills you've learnt to the test! This happened to Simon, Jon & Mark on their course and impacted meaningfully on their skills training!
Our next Navigation Skills Training Weekend will now be run during November 26th & 27th 2016. There are eight places still available on this weekend course - superb value at only £80 per person for the two day course. These courses are ideal for anyone preparing for a Summer Mountain Walking Leader Assessment or Re-assessment! Maps are provided. Contact us to book your place now! We look forward to working with you!

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