Sunday 30 August 2015

Gorge Walking Sessions in The Lake District 22nd August 2015.

On Saturday August 22, Iain met Lucy Howell and her mates in Kendal at Morrisons Car Park in Kendal. This group were staying In kendal over the weekend and had booked a half day Ghyll Scrambling (also known as Gorge Walking) Session in The Lake District with us. They had specifically requested somewhere near to Kendal; and we do use a great venue that is close to hand saving us all driving into the middle of a busy Lake District National Park.

In order to use this venue, your group size most be no more than six persons as to get there, a short Land Rover drive is required; and we only have room for six clients in our vehicle!

Photo one sees the group getting re-hydrated in the ghyll. Initially, as the water soaks into the wet-suits, you'll feel rather chilly - but only for a moment! Once your body warms that water up, then you'll appreciate why we give all our clients wetsuits, no-one felt cold for the rest of the afternoon!

Photo two sees Lucy's group with her at the front followed by Sarah, Aaron, Mike, Jenna and Mike Lawson - whose birthday was being celebrated over the weekend. Ghyll Scrambling is all about having fun, scrambling upstream against the current, climbing up waterfalls and swimming through/jumping into pools. As you can see they were all loving it!

Photo three was taken sometime later in a section of the gorge known as Cleft Ghyll. Here, a high waterfall crashes into a narrow slot making this section impassible except in descent. Someone had "bolted" the entire gorge making it suitable for a canyoning descent and as soon as we have reconnoitered it, we will begin offering Canyoning Descents here to small groups.

To get to this point, we had only travelled about a kilometre from our get in, but we had already spent several hours in the water - making our way upstream, encountering numerous obstacles along the way - many small waterfalls and rapids that we had to figure out how to get up and a deep pool to swim through and climb out the back of (well, rather - get hauled out of by Iain!!) and two fantastic deep pools to jump into.

The group had already enjoyed a great deal of fun so far; and after we climbed out to bypass Cleft Ghyll there was still another section to finish off with!

So why should you come Ghyll Scrambling or Gorge Walking in The Lake District with us? Well, it will most likely be something that you have never done before; and would never think of doing. Getting into a  mountain stream, getting soaked and walking up it!! Sounds like a daft idea! But in actual fact, managed in the right way, by one of our expert instructors - you'll have a great time and won't feel uncomfortable with the equipment we give you. This includes wet suits, walking boots, buoyancy aids, helmets & harnesses, all of which is designed to keep you safe & comfortable in this environment - and all provided as part of your fee per person!

You'll work together with the rest of your team and with our Ghyll Scrambling Instructors to make progress upstream tacking obstacles that you didn't think you'd have the capability to overcome; and above all - you'll have great fun.

Our Ghyll Scrambling Sessions are great fun for groups of mates on Stag or Hen Events, families wanting to try something different - kids love it! We also have a corporate client who uses these sessions as an icebreaker for new groups of apprentices joining their company; and it works so well they have been coming back to us for the last five years!

Our Ghyll Scrambling (Gorge Walking) Sessions in The Lake District start at £45 per person for a four hour session, bring more than five persons that price drops to £40, a group of eleven to fifteen persons costs £35 each and sixteen or over - £30 each making it excellent value for a fantastic, fun and exhilarating experience in the great outdoors. Contact us here to book your Ghyll Scrambling or Gorge Walking Session - anywhere you are staying in The Lake District and you won't be disappointed!

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