Sunday 2 August 2015

Stag Events in The Lake District. Ghyll Scrambling. August 1st, 2015.

On Saturday, Iain drove over to the beautiful Ullswater Valley to meet Ben Griffin & his mates who were staying in the area for the weekend as part of one of the groups Stag Event.

Ben had done a search online for Ghyll Scrambling or Gorge Walking Sessions in The Lake District and up we had come.

Unfortunately, Ghyll Scrambling venues are limited in the Ullswater Valley as over time, access has been reduced to the best ones. There are still a few places that can be used though and Glenridding Beck is one of these.

Photo one sees the group just moments after we had gotten into Glenridding Beck at the start of the session. Swimwear and fleece pullovers under wetsuits and cagoules soon overcame that chilly feeling and the group started to enjoy themselves. They were already getting a bit warm before they got in!

The first section of Glenridding Beck isn't that long - only a few hundred metres, but there are some good bits packed into it.

What is Ghyll Scrambling all about? Well, you can get an idea from these photos - getting wet and having fun! The beck was at a good level after the overnight rain - ideal for these strong lads anyway.

Ghyll scrambling involves walking upstream in a rocky stream bed, swimming through pools, climbing up waterfalls, working against the flow and dealing with obstacles such as this small waterfall along the way. The fall might have been small, but the volume of water pouring down it meant that this group had to work together as a team to get up it. There was no doubt that they thoroughly enjoyed it!

Another photo from the same section of beck sees the organiser - Ben, as he climbs a short waterfall to Iain whilst the rest of the group looks on.

The pool below was pretty deep and the climb - up a waterfall, needed protecting if people weren't to get swept back down by the volume of water. The protection was provided by Iain through the use of a top rope.

With this method, everyone was able to climb the waterfall and enjoyed the challenge. It was something that Iain though would add value to the session and it did exactly that. We had spent over an hour & a half in this lower section before we had realised it, but every bit had been challenging and above all else - great fun!

Photo four sees the lads at the top of the lower section of the Glenridding Beck Ghyll Scramble. The day had started off rather overcast and a little chilly but by the time we got into the ghyll, the sun had come out and the conditions had improved. By now it was quite warm.

The lads were not cold anyway due to what they were wearing. We do consider that a wet-suit is essential on any Ghyll Scrambling or Gorge Walking Session no matter how warm the day might be. Also, along with the cagoule, buoyancy aid and helmet, protection is provided against scrapes & bumps. Oh! and we provide you with proper walking boots for your feet too - for good grip & ankle support - all as part of the fee per person!

Our final photo from this post about this Stag Event in The Lake District sees the group re-entering Glenridding Beck above the Lead Mine. Just prior to getting back in, we had done a jump into the beck at the  Hydro reservoir and you can watch the video here. A little further on, we took another video of the group trying to get the last person (Will - the Stag) up a not very high, but quite powerful waterfall and this one gives a good impression of what a great Ghyll Scrambling Session is all about.

This group of nine each paid £40 for their four hour Ghyll Scrambling Session with Iain and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Ghyll Scrambling or Gorge Walking ( it is the same activity) is great fun as you can see and ideal for Stag & Hen parties, Corporate Team Building and a great idea for families with Children visiting The Lake District over the Summer Holidays. Contact us to book your session or call us on 07761 483364. Families do get a discount for children as we know how expensive holidays away can become if you have children!

For anyone looking for the ultimate Lake District Ghyll Scrambling Challenge - book on to our all day Esk Gorge trips - only £75:00 per person  (minimum of two persons) for the most exhilarating and refreshing outdoor challenge we offer and a real adventure to boot! We look forward to working with you.

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