Monday 31 August 2015

Introductory Rock Climbing Sessions in The Lake District, Tuesday 25th August 2015.

Last Tuesday morning Iain met newly weds Peter & Cerys McDonald who were on honeymoon in The Lake District and who fancied trying an Introductory Rock Climbing Session out of doors.

Iain met them in Langdale and we went to Lower Scout Crag for their session. Photo one sees the pair about to start climbing after Iain had set up a top rope system down the line of "Cubs Wall" in the middle of the crag.

The pair had done a small amount of rock climbing at an indoor wall previously, where the same sort of climbing systems exist - namely, a rope anchored at the top of the wall with the climber attached to one side; and the belayer attached to the other. When the climber climbs up - the belayer takes the rope in (known as "top rope - bottom belaying); and when the climber gets to the top of the route, the belayer lowers them back to the ground!

The pair were able to climb 3 different routes from our top anchor in the middle of Lower Scout Crag although whilst "Cubs Wall" & "Cubs Groove" were within their capabilities "Cubs Crack" was not as this route is very steep, polished; and nowadays, virtually hold-less! Anyway, they enjoyed climbing the other two routes whilst getting used to the feeling of exposure and how the rope would protect them if they fell off.

Around about an hour after we had started climbing, we were joined by a Cadet group who wished to abseil from the crag and who set up ropes on either side of us. Both Peter & Cerys wished to try out abseiling as well, so Iain had to convert his top anchor system into an "abseiling station" so the pair could have a go at this exhilarating & challenging experience.

Photo two sees Cerys as she starts abseiling from the top of Cubs Crack. Both had at least two goes and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Photo three sees both Cerys and Peter on a different & slightly easier section of the crag. Cerys is belaying Peter who has climbed the route to the top anchors and is now being lowered  back down to the foot of the route.

Cerys & Peter thoroughly enjoyed their morning Introductory Rock Climbing and abseiling session in The Lake District with Iain and were very satisfied with what we got done in the time.

Cerys even said we should charge more!

The pair paid just £90:00 or £45 each for their four hour Rock Climbing & Abseiling Session with us and that fee included the provision of helmets & harnesses as well as tuition by an experienced Mountaineering Instructor.

£45 is our standard starting price for any half day Outdoor Activity Session which we will run for a minimum of two persons but discounts are applied as your group size increases in multiples of five. All our half day activity sessions do represent good value for money so contact us to get a quite for any activity you find one our website that you would like to try - you won't be disappointed!

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