Monday 31 August 2015

Introductory Kayaking Sessions in the Lake District, Tuesday 25th August 2015.

After spending the morning climbing in Langdale with Peter & Cerys McDonald, Iain had to drive to the store to pick up some kayaks before he joined Mick Hickey and his family at Fell Foot Country Park for their afternoon Introductory Kayaking Session in The Lake District.

Photo one sees the family - left to right, Robyn, Marcus, Mick & Elliott, rafted up on Windermere's southern end. We had been on the water for a couple of hours at this point, had done a short journey; and Iain had gone through all of the basic kayaking strokes with the family - most of whom had actually kayaked in the past anyway!

This was a shorter than usual Introductory Kayaking Session in The Lake District due to the time that Iain had taken to get from Langdale to Fell Foot, but we had a good time until around 5pm when the forecast rain started and the family decided that they wanted to call a close to the session.

Iain offered to make the time up during the family's subsequent caving session the next day and they were happy with that offer - we do our best to please!

Mick paid just £40 each for this Introductory Kayaking Session in The Lake District, we applied a discount due to the booking over three days for three separate half days sessions. We thought this only fair as we known how expensive it can be when having to pay for activities for the whole family out of your own pocket!

Fancy trying Kayaking? The group were provided with all of the equipment you see in photo two as part of their fee and this included tuition from a qualified Kayaking Coach too. Contact us to book your half day Outdoor Activity Session in the Lake District here. We look forward to working with you!

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