Saturday 6 August 2016

Ghyll Scrambling Sessions in The Lake District. Wren Gill. Wednesday 3rd August 2016.

On Wednesday afternoon, Iain met Ian Maddern with his daughter Sadie and a friend's son Brogan to take them for a half day Ghyll Scrambling Session in The Lake District.

Ian came to the Lake District last year with a bunch of mates for a weekend birthday celebration. The group booked a half day Ghyll Scrambling Session with us, but unfortunately, due to extenuating circumstances, their Ghyll Scrambling Session was a very short one indeed.

On that occasion, we had gone to exactly the same place and had used the Land Rover to run the group up the one & a half miles up the track (photo one) although then - with six adults in it - it was rather more loaded down than last Wednesday!

Anyway, that Ghyll Scrambling Session obviously made a big impression as Ian had been keen to return; and it had been said last time that "the kids would love it" - something we know to be true only too well!

Wednesday had started off very windy, but dry; although there had been significant rainfall the night before - just how significant it had been up Longsleddale didn't become apparent until Iain saw Stockdale Beck running in spate. Wren Gill was the same!

To add to matters, as we started to drive from Sadgill to Wren Gill, rain showers started to spill over in to the valley from Kentmere, so the weather was on a downward spiral again; and we had two small children to look after! Iain's biggest concern when working with children  is how quickly they can get cold.

However, we do our best to give customers the best equipment we can for Ghyll Scrambling - wet-suits  for insulation when wet, cagoules again to aid insulation and walking boots for good grip and protection. All we ask is you bring your own fleece top, swimwear & socks to wear in the walking boots.

And even on Wednesday afternoon with the wind blowing strongly up Longsleddale; and the rain lashing down, this equipment was enough to keep Sadie & Brogan warm for long enough that they could enjoy the fun that Ghyll Scrambling has to offer.

Wren Gill was already running high when we got into it and it was necessary for Iain to keep ahold of Brogan whilst Ian kept ahold of Sadie. Between the two of us; and with Iain's guidance and experience in fast flowing water, we were pick a route upstream which allowed the children to experience the fun that Ghyll Scrambling can be - safely, by avoiding the most powerful parts of the flow or by sticking next to the edge of the river.

In photo three, Brogan & Sadie are poised to take their third jump into the deep pool below where the current took them straight into our arms - they loved it!

Photo four  is taken a little further on and sees Ian, Brogan & Sadie sat in a cave under a huge boulder right next to a waterfall crashing down from above into another pool that we normally jump in to (from the point  from which the photo was taken. However, Wren Gill was getting bigger by the minute; and Iain judged it too unsafe to jump into here now.

We made it as far as Cleft Ghyll where Wren Gill comes crashing down an impassable 20 foot waterfall before exiting the ghyll and making our way back to the Land Rover with Brogan describing the experience as "the best day ever!".

Back at the Land Rover, Ian got the children changed into warm dry clothes before we headed back to Sadgill to their waiting vehicle.

This afternoon had certainly been a "hardcore" Ghyll Scrambling Session, but Ian & the children thoroughly enjoyed it. Our next report is also about Ghyll Scrambling - two days later and in much better conditions with three children who again...absolutely loved it!

Ghyll Scrambling is a fantastic, exhilarating experience and everyone should try it once. It is ideal for families or adults, Stag & Hen Events or just for a bit of Corporate fun. It is an activity that most people do remember for a long time. Our half day Ghyll Scrambling Sessions in The Lake District start at £45 per adult, but less for children. For example, Ian paid just £30 each for the three of them.

Contact us here to book your Ghyll Scrambling Session whilst holidaying in The Lake District this Summer  - you won't regret it!

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