Wednesday 10 August 2016

Introductory Kayaking Sessions in The Lake District, Windermere. Wednesday August, 10th 2016.

This afternoon, Iain has been running an introductory Kayaking Session in The Lake District for the Thomas Family from London who have been staying in the area for almost a fortnight.

Ian Thomas (Dad), had originally tried to book a kayaking session with one of our competitors (with whom they went Ghyll Scrambling) but found the other business hard work when it came to booking a kayaking session. Ian found that we did Introductory Kayaking Sessions through a Google search and contacted us. He found our speedy response much more positive!

Iain met Ian and sons Oscar and Alex  (in the "hoodie in photo one) at Fell Foot Country Park at Windermere's southern end. Non of the three had kayaked before and the children were quite young for attempting kayaking anyway (Alex was only six) but we got kitted out and got on the lake with some prior instruction to the three about how to paddle the kayak when we got on the water.

Photo two was taken some time later downstream  of the lake when Iain got the three to raft up; and then gave the boys the opportunity to run around the rafted boats - they thought this was great fun!

Kayaking for youngsters, particularly during their first ever session is going to be less about learning all of the necessary skills required to get a kayak to go in a straight line forward or backwards or be able to turn their craft around. No - the session should be about having fun and playing a few games and maybe trying a few unusual but safe alternatives.

Kayaks are designed to be paddled solo - that means - by a person on their own. Ian & Oscar mastered this task pretty well, but Alex struggled - not for wont of trying though. Iain thought it might be better for him if he & Oscar tandem paddled a single person kayak as in photo three. The challenge with this task was going to be keeping the kayak balanced so that they didn't both fall in.

As you might imagine that didn't work too well!!

Photo four sees a tired but happy Alex with a smile on his face despite being a little chilly from his swim. For a six year old he had done really well having mastered paddling a Kayak to a degree and having travelled best part of two miles down the river to Newby Bridge and back.

He had played some kayaking games with his Dad & brother and had gotten wet when they all went wrong, but falling into the lake was all part of the fun; and it hadn't been a bad experience and when he'd had enough, Iain towed him all the way back to Fell Foot.

Ian considered that the session had been pitched "at the right level for them all" - so hopefully, we'll see them again for some more adventurous Outdoor Activities on their next visit to The Lake District!

Ian paid just £40 each for the three's Introductory half day Kayaking Session in The Lake District with us as we had applied a bit of discount for the children. All of the equipment you see the family wearing - wetsuits, cagoules, buoyancy aids and the kayaks & paddles were all supplied as part of their fee as well as tuition by one of The Lake District's most experienced Outdoor Instructors.

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