Saturday 20 August 2016

Half Day Ghyll Scrambling Sessions in The Lake District. Stickle Ghyll, Tuesday 16th August 2016.

Another Ghyll Scrambling post; on yet another lovely sunny day!

The day after we had been out with Nick Sutcliffe & his daughter Freya in The Esk Gorge, were were back at Stickle Ghyll in Langdale with - Nick Sutcliffe and his other daughter Eleanor.

Now, adventurous Outdoor Activity Sessions were admittedly, not Eleanor's "thing" whereas very much the opposite is the case for both Dad - Nick & sister - Freya. However, as the whole family had come to The Lake District for a Summer Holiday on this occasion, Eleanor was persuaded by Nick to give Ghyll Scrambling a try.

Photo one sees Eleanor & Nick at the first deep pool in Stickle Ghyll getting nicely "hydrated". Today, Iain saw a Brown Trout in here - a rare sight indeed in any Ghyll Scrambling venue!
Photo two sees Eleanor achieving success on the first waterfall climb in Stickle Ghyll. Whilst only ten feet high, the rock is steep and slippery due to the water crashing down it and Eleanor found it very challenging due to the fact that initially, she struggled to find feet & handholds through the falling water; and actually felt quite scared.

However, with Iain's competent belaying (safeguarding Eleanor from falling through use of a tight climbing rope) and encouragement from a very competent Dad, Eleanor was looking a lot happier by the time she had climbed up to the top of the waterfall to the point where we got a smile and a thumbs up - excellent!

This was another one of those experiences where we helped someone's confidence grow and saw an improvement in their ability as the session progressed. This often happens during our Outdoor Activity Sessions in The Lake District - proving that there is more to our sessions than just having fun - but having fun is VERY important!

Photo three sees father & daughter enjoying one of Stickle Ghyll's deeper pools.

The venue has plenty of variation throughout it's length, deep pools to swim in, waterfalls to climb, a pool that is actually deep enough to jump into safely; and loads of interesting wet scrambling along it's lower section between the "get in" just uphill from the National Trust Car Park - all the way to the footbridge.

The upper section is steeper, with a couple of waterfalls that can be climbed - roped and some more deep pools. This section is altogether more challenging than the lower section of Stickle Ghyll, but does allow for a great progression from easier to harder Ghyll Scrambling - which is just what is needed as confidence grows in ones ability to progress and climb.
The final photo from this post about a half day Ghyll Scrambling Session on The Lake District is just great!

It shows a now, confident Eleanor as she approaches Iain at the top of the highest waterfall climb in Stickle Ghyll.

This waterfall is about 25 feet high and the rock is slippery; and then of course there is all of that water falling down on you too whilst you try to work out the route upwards! Eleanor climbed waterfall this no problem and thoroughly enjoyed her Ghyll Scrambling Experience with Iain & her Dad.

When asked if she would come back and have a go at The Esk Gorge by Nick, her response was "Err - maybe!" Well, hopefully, we'll see Eleanor & her Dad again next year!

Nick paid just £45 each for this half Day Ghyll Scrambling Session in The Lake District for himself & Eleanor and this fee includes all of the specialist equipment you see the pair wearing. walking boots, a good wet-suit, & cagoule are essential for you to enjoy a comfortable Ghyll Scrambling Session whilst being continually soaked - so don't settle for anything less from one of our competitors!

Contact us here to book your Ghyll Scrambling Session in The Lake District with us - this is one of the most fun family outings you can enjoy whilst on holiday here in The Lake District. We can guarantee - you won't be disappointed!

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