Wednesday 2 July 2014

Canyoning in The Lake District. Sunday 22nd June 2014.

Paul Davies booked this Canyoning Session with us way back in January and turned up to enjoy it with his son in law - Den.

The Canyoning session had been booked as part of a family weekend away in the area. Iain met the pair at Coniston and kitted them out with the usual wetsuits, walking boots, cagoules, buoyancy aids, helmets & harnesses that we suppy to everyone attending one of our Lake District Canyoning Sessions.

In total they were each wearing around £230 worth of equipment provided as part of the fee of only £45 each for this half day Canyoning Session - worth knowing as you won't get this much kit of most of our competitors!

We headed to the top of Church Beck and began our Canyoning Descent.

The first part of the descent involves being lowered down a not particularly high waterfall in photo two into a not particularly deep pool below. To anyone who has not tried this before, it must seem really challenging - crawling backwards over a waterfall when you can't see where you are going to end up!

However, we do take our time to explain how these falls are to be tackled as both this one; and the fall in photo three can be seen from the road.

We do recommend on both the first waterfall lower and the Miners Bridge Fall lower (photo three) that you set off on your hands & knees. The rock tends to be very slippery due to the amount of algae that accumulates so standing up as we lower you down the slabs to the top of the waterfall is not a good idea. We always do our best to make sure you stay as safe as possible during any of our Lake District Canyoning Sessions as well as comfortable too!
Below the Miners Bridge Waterfall, the gorge narrows in and we have to negotiate the section known as the Top Jumps. The first jump - into a narrow slot, we protect by lowering you part way down the fall to a point where you can jump in without hitting anything. The second jump, with it's tricky launch we often avoid - choosing to climb down and swim the pool below.

The final fall consists of a fabulous slide down a slab, into the next deep pool.

Below here (photo four) one can continue downstream as far as the User Group sign before turning around and doing a ghyll scrambling ascent - climbing the waterfall in the photo as well as doing a rock climbing traverse around the back of a pool upstream - the penalty for falling off, another soaking!

These days, we finish off all of our Church Beck Canyoning Sessions with a 20 foot jump from the bank of the gorge into the the pool below the second jump previously mentioned. This looks a lot higher than it is; and the great thing is that you also get to do the final slide down the fall below again - all great, exhilarating fun!

Paul & Den's Canyoning Session in The Lake District was done with us on a hot day and it was fair to say that the water in the gorge was warm so it was a pleasant place to be. The pair thoroughly enjoyed their Canyoning Session with us and paid only £45 each for a four hour session with their very own instructor.

To try out Canyoning in The Lake District contact us here. This is a great activity for families with children and Stag & Hen Events and just the thing to try out during the Summer months! Give us a call - we look forward to working with you

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