Thursday 31 July 2014

Stag Events in The Lake District. Saturday 19th July 2014.

Allan Yeates contacted us at the end of May when looking to arrange some activities for a mates Stag Event due to take place in July. Allan contacted us because we came highly recommended by another person and that is good to know - we always try to exceed our clients expectations on every Stag or Hen Event we arrange!

Having initially enquired about a half day of Raft Building and a half day of Ghyll Scrambling for up to 25, when it came down to the final count, Allan only had 12 persons in his party and none of them wanted to go Ghyll Scrambling - if only they had realised what they were missing!

Photo one shows six of the group working on a suitable layout for their raft. For raft building, we provide you with wooden spars, plastic barrels and ropes. With instruction provided by us, we will show you how to arrange your framework of spars in a suitable fashion and how to tie it all together with the ropes using "square lashings" for the spars and a "Lorrymans hitch" for use to tie the barrels on to the framework.

This is all good fun, Raftbuilding is a great way to get people working together and is an activity that we often us on our team building events as well as Stag & Hen Events.

After the two sub teams had each completed their rafts to a standard which we considered would allow them to remain intact whilst loaded down on the lake with six persons, it was time to get everyone into the wetsuits, cagoules & buoyancy aids that we provide as part of the fee.

We do this for a number of reasons -  mainly to keep people warm should they fall into the water and afloat if they are weak swimmers. Getting wet is a dead cert when involved with raft building session as during the games that follow raft building, the various teams generally end up attacking each other's rafts as well  as giving each other a thorough soaking - it's all in the name of fun!

For this Lake District Stag Groups Rafting Session, we provided a number of inter-team challenges. These all involved a fair bit of effort and as much co-operation on the water in manouevring the rafts as had been required on the beach when building them.

Teams were expected to complete a number of 360 degree manouevres - both clockwise & anti-clockwise and a number of races on the lake - in this case Coniston water. One race included a standing start well back from the beach running down to the rafts, launching and then racing out to a marker buoy and back - the winning team being the first to make it back to the start point.

At the end, we had twelve rather tired but very satisfied lads who had probably worked off enough calories for a really good night out on the town!

Allan Yeates party each paid £40 for their Rafting Sesson in The Lake District. It is a great challenge; and we thoroughly recommend  it for Stag & Hen Groups or Teambuilding Events.

Contact us here to arrange your Raft Building Session in The Lake District. We look forward o working with you.

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