Tuesday 22 July 2014

Introductory Rock Climbing Courses and Guiding Climbing Sessions in The Lake District. July 13th 2014.

On Sunday, Iain found himself working with Alan Smith and his son in law - Chris.

The pair had journeyed up from the south for a long weekend away in the area and Alan had booked an Introductory Climbing day in The Lake District with us for both himself and as a birthday present for Chris.

The two had never climbed on outdoor rock before, so we spent the morning at Lower Scout Crag in Langdale where Iain set up a number of climbs using a top rope/bottom belay system typically seen in Introductory Climbing Sessions. After teaching the pair how to belay  (prevent each other from falling whilst using a climbing rope) they were able to get on and enjoy a number of climbs at this great little pitch climbing venue which was, today,  very quiet - despite the great weather.

It had been arranged with Iain that the pair also wanted to try Guided Multi-pitch Climbing during the same day. So, Iain took them to nearby Upper Scout Crag - only a five minute walk uphill from the Introductory Climbing venue.

When we got there we found a number of parties already climbing on this great multi-pitch crag; and more were approaching from below.

Fortunately for Iain, Alan & Chris, no-one at that precise moment were climbing the very route that Iain wished to guide the pair on. Photo two sees the pair tying on to the two climbing ropes. We used two ropes between the three of us to climb in series - ie one behind the other. Iain was tied on to Chris with the red rope and Chris to Alan with the purple one.
So what is Guided Multi-Pitch Climbing? It is a means of climbing whereby another person or persons follow a competent Climbing Instructor up a rock climbing route consisting or more than one pitch (section). The Instructor leads each pitch and then brings up the seconds to each stance (anchor point) between each pitch.

NOTE - for Multi-Pitch Climbing Instruction you should always secure the services of a fully qualified Mountaineering Instructor. Read why here!
Anyway, Iain's system for guiding on this multi-pitch Rock Climb in The Lake District was that he would lead and belay Chris up each pitch. Chris was subsequently attached to the anchors at each stance and he could then belay up Alan. By using this approach Chris could feel what it would be like to belay a second as if he were a leading the climb himeself.

Chris did a good job too and the pair climbed really well throughout the day - well done!

The final photograph from the pairs Introductory & Guided Climbing Day in The Lake District sees Alan & Chris at the top of our Multi-pitch Climb with Langdale, in all it's glory behind them - on yet another perfect climbing day!

For Alan & Chris's Climbing Day in The Lake District with Iain, the pair each paid £75. This fee included the provision of helmets & harnesses plus the services of a qualified Mountaineering Instruct who provided ropes rack and rucksacks to carry it all in.

The pair had a great day and hope to come back another time to climb some more. If you want to have a great & progressive day's climbing like Alan & Chris did - then contact Iain at Kendal Mountaineering Services here to book your session. You won't be disappointed!!


Unknown said...

What a brilliant day Alan and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves it's nice to do something really different for your 40th birthday!!! Iain was a brilliant instructor and paced the learning spot on. Thanks for an awesome experience.



Iain Gallagher said...

Hi Chris. Great to hear that you had such a good day out with us.

As a Mountaineering Instructor, I have had many years in which to hone my skills in delivering the best possible sessions to my clients and having the ability to change the plan to suit what is needed. I always try to exceed my clients expectations and it is great to know that I did so once again. Thank you and best wishes, Iain Gallagher.