Wednesday 2 July 2014

Introductory half day Rock Climbing Session in The Lake District June 25th 2014.

Rebecca Grayson (photo one) contacted us a while ago looking for an opportunity to try rock climbing out of doors for the first time, whilst holidaying in The Lake District.

Rebecca's previous experience amounted to some climbing sessions at her local climbing wall - basically - bouldering; as she had never tried climbing using ropes before or practicing the techniques required to belay.

Rebecca & her boyfriend - John turned up to meet Iain in Langdale with it having been arranged that we would provide the pair with an Introductory Rock Climbing Session in The Lake District at Lower Scout Crag - one of the area's most popular single pitch venues for introductory rock climbing. (photo one) Popular it was too as we had only just started rock climbing ourselves when another group turned up to join us.
In photo two, Rebecca's boyfriend - John, belays Rebecca as she climbs a route on Lower Scout Crag that follows a corner upwards towards an overhang.

Iain had arranged a top anchor ie two rock anchor placements attached at the top of the climb and equalized by bringing the load to a central attachment point using static (pre-stretched) rope.

Into the central attachment point he had placed two karabiners (metal clips) and attached the climbing rope (seen being used by John & Rebecca. The climbing rope was attached to Rebecca and also to John who "took in" the rope - keeping it tight whilst Rebecca rock climbed up.

The ultimate aim was to reach the karabiners at the central attachment point and upon doing so - be lowered back to the ground by the person belaying (John).

We always do our best to make sure that you get the most out of any Activity Session or Skills Training Course in The Lake District that you book with us. Unfortunately, due the the action of members of the other rock climbing groups - now numbering two at Lower Scout Crag, Iain felt that neither Rebecca or John were getting the best Introductory Rock Climbing Session that we could deliver.

Therefore, we moved to nearby Sticklebarn Crag (photo three) where there was only one other smaller; and more considerate rock climbing group with their staff.

Here, Rebecca & John could practice climbing on easier rock routes without the fear of someone else getting in their way  or crashing into them. Rebecca, in particular, was struggling with her confidence to climb upwards any distance, but with Iain & Johns encouragement, made it almost all the way to the top of a rock route here - what a great achievement!

The final photo from this post about Introductory Rock Climbing Sessions in The Lake District sees Rebecca descending the crag following reaching her "high point" of the day. Here, she is being lowered by John who belayed her whilst she rock climbed. When John was climbing - Rebecca belayed for him.

All in all, in terms of what was gained from this Introductory Rock Climbing Session in The Lake District both Rebecca & John achieved a great deal. Neither had climbed on outdoor rock before and neither had belayed using a rope before either.

Rebecca's confidence came along massively as she was climbing much higher towards the end of her climbing session than at the start. John climbed well from the outset, but was very good at belaying and supporting Rebecca in her attempts to rock climb.

The pair make a very good team and we hope to hear ultimately that they go on to buy a rope, harnesses , helmets and belay plates and then get out climbing. Rebecca thinks that another Rock Climbing Sessiuon in The Lake District might be in order before they do this and intends to give us another call when the pair return to the area in the Autumn. We look forward to working with them again.

Our Introductory Rock Climbing Sessions in The lake District are ideal for families, friends, Stag or Hen Groups and Corporate groups wishing to use these sessions for team building. They are a great way to encourage the development of trust, support & communication skills between individuals in a group and a great exhilarating way to have fun.

Prices for Introductory Rock Climbing Sessions in The Lake District start at £45 per person for a minimum of two persons or for as little as £30 depending on your group size. Helmets, harnesses and instruction are included in that price. Contact us here to make a booking.

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