Wednesday 2 July 2014

Corporate Team building Events in The Lake District. Ghyll Scrambling, Stickle Ghyll. June 26th 2014

Last Thursday afternoon, we ran yet another Ghyll Scrambling Session in The Lake District for one of our Corporate Clients - Nucleargraduates.

Nucleargraduates have been using our services since 2011 when, whilst looking for an activity session that would promote team building objectives, they came across our website and liked the sound of our Ghyll Scrambling Sessions.
So why Ghyll Scrambling? and to what purpose?

Nucleargraduates are a company based in West Cumbria recruiting graduates to an apprenticeship scheme within the Nuclear Industry. Those graduates successful in gaining places on the Nucleargraduates Apprenticeship Scheme are invited to attend a two day Induction Workshop in The Lake District that invariably takes place in Kendal.

As the successful applicants are likely to be working alongside each other over their two year apprenticeship, it was felt that something was required to bring these people together in a manner which, by impelling them into working together, would, in turn, lead to their forming bonds and friendships which will last throughout this time.

Nucleargraduates looked to us to provide an appropriate session in the locality that would meet these objectives and so far, they have been pleased with our consistent delivery and results.

We have even delivered two large single day corporate Team Building Events for the organisation

For many of these professional young people, the idea of scrambling up a mountain stream. swimming through pools and climbing up waterfalls is a totally new, unusual and alien concept. However, it does work superbly well at bringing the team together.

In all, these nine graduate apprentices spent several hours in Stickle Ghyll in Langdale with Iain. During that time, they were briefed on the objective of the session in si much that they were to work together to look after each other and help each other up difficult sections of the ghyll.

Opportunities for further challenge were provided by Iain and these included the chance to climb, roped, two waterfalls, the second of which was considerably higher than the first; and the opportunity to jump off a tree into a deep pool - the only one of it's depth in the ghyll.

It was clear that despite having only met each other for the first time that morning, by the end of the afternoon, this group of successful applicants had gotten to know each other much better and that bonds were already forming. So, once again - job done for Iain and Kendal Mountaineering Services. We hope that they all go on to have successful apprenticships with their sponsor industries within the Nucleargraduates Apprentice Scheme and are sure that their half day Ghyll Scrabling Session in The Lake District will leave a lasting, positive impression on their memories.

If you are looking for something to use as a method for facilitating positive change within your organisation or industry - then contact us to discuss your aims & objectives and we will design a Corporate event or session to meet those objectives. We look forward to working with you.

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